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It is important when you go to hear an orchestra that you do so in a venue that enhances the sound of the music. There are some amazing concert halls and opera houses around the world that are really the best places you can go if you want to listen to an orchestral performance.

Amazing Acoustic Halls

Culture and Congress Centre Concert Hall

A modern concert hall that does just this is the Culture and Congress Centre Concert Hall that is in Lucerne, Switzerland. The concert hall offers superior acoustics by means of a large reverberation chamber that encircles the posterior of the building. The Boston Symphony Hall was designed with superior acoustics in mind. In fact, the building design is based on various scientific measurements that were made on how sound travels. This makes for a fantastic acoustic experience when you can see a show at this hall.

The Musikverein of Vienna Austria is regarded by some to be the absolute best place in the world to see an orchestra. The design was based largely on the intuition and ideas of the architect since the building was built in 1870 before much research into acoustics had taken place. The acoustics are great, and the hall is very ornate and attractive, making it a perfect setting for orchestras to play in.

Bridgewater Hall in the UK is in Manchester. This hall was built between 1993 and1996 and is the main location where you the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra plays. The structure is very solid and offers good acoustics. Two other orchestras also play here, namely the Hallé and the Manchester Camerata.

Unique Design

Boston Symphony Hall

The Philharmonie is a concert hall in Berlin which uses vineyard terracing. This means that unlike the usual shoebox style as seen in the Boston Symphony Hall, the audience sits around the stage in the Philharmonie.  There are terraces that slope upwards on all sides from the stage. This seating arrangement does appear to work, and the acoustics are certainly good. The Philharmonie in Paris has the same design, but also features wood panels suspended from the ceiling. These act as sound reflecting devices to enhance the audio and acoustical experience of the hall. Sibelius Hall in Finland is another recent concert hall. This was only finished in 2000. This hall is made of wood, with the timber helping the sounds reverberate and reflect. In some places the wood is not that thick, but the point it is it works to enhance the overall sound and music of the orchestra. Some top opera houses include the Bolshoi in Moscow where you can listen to the Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra. La Scala in Milan, Italy is another excellent opera house where orchestras play. This building was constructed in 1778 and has four levels. The wooden floor of the opera house is believed responsible for the great acoustics in this hall.

The Vienna Staatsoper of Austria is an old opera house, built in 1869. It is a beautifully designed building with a marble staircase. Music by Mozart and Beethoven has been played here. These are the best places in the world where one can see an opera. They are the best in terms of design and acoustics.