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Many people love the idea of classical music and listen to it at home because there are so many great benefits to listening to it. Many find that string quartets are a great option when it comes to classical music. Here are a few of the best quartets to see live in the States this year.

Belcea String Quartet

Arnold Schoenberg and his band were got all the fame in Germany for not following the traditional rules for composition of songs. Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel, however, were working tirelessly and secretly testing some new styles which were revolutionary in the history of music. Later, these styles were named Impressionism.

It involves some sounds purely made to play on its own without the need to go with other sounds. The quartet composed by Debussy gives the listener the feeling of being lifted the sky, while that of Ravel makes some unexpected twists even with all the music rules intact. However, Belcea Quartet has a touch of French in it and is a masterpiece no one can afford to miss.

Lindsay String Quartet

These quartets represent the height of Haydn’s music writing career which should have fetched him the title “Father of String Instrument” just as he was named “Father of Symphony”.  He composed the Second Quartet, very fascinating that it was given the term “Fifths” taken from the musical intervals contained in the first movement themes.

The third quarter is a variant of the song “God Save Emperor Franz” which later became the national anthem of Austria and nicknamed “Emperor”, while the fourth quarter was named “Sunrise” and introduced by an ascending violin line. The sixth quartet has no tag but is the most creative of the quartets. It has a “fantasia” that is slow and has various surprising movements. Today, the Lindsay are the best interpreters of Haydn’s music, and their performance attests to that.

Takacs String Quartet

The five last quartets composed by Beethoven were finished before he passed away. All his quartets are great works of outstanding creativity of the man himself. The music deviates from the rules, yet they are deep and sensational. Most of his work is influenced by Bach, and it is quite noticeable, especially “Grosse Fuge and “Op 131”. Beethoven artistry is deeply felt in the Takacs Quartet. The Emerson Quartet which shows the same skill cannot compare regarding depth of feeling.

Emerson String Quartet

Tchaikovsky was a student when he wrote the string quartet which was published in 1940 as his first work. The second movement lyric is amazing and, today, many instrumentalists feature it during concerts as Andante Cantabile on cello and strings. Equally amazing are the other movements as they burn with intensity into the heart of listeners, and the last movement gives the work a great conclusion.

There are many great quartets all around the world, these are just a few of the best ones that you can see this year. We hope you enjoy your show and the work of these great guys.