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The process of joining an orchestra is not as difficult as most people make it seem. You can master your skills and join an orchestra. It does not require knowledge of rocket science to do this. Read through to have an idea of what it takes to join an orchestra.

Step 1: Get the Necessary Knowledge

You need to develop some musical skills before you join an orchestra. Most times, you need to attend a good music school until at least a master’s degree level to master the required skill. Although some undergraduates can land a position in an orchestral, this rarely happens. Getting a master’s greatly increases your chances of landing a position in an orchestra. When choosing a music school, you need to choose a school that has a good connection to an orchestra if your end goal is to play in an orchestra.

Step2: Get a Mentor

Asides the music degree mentioned above, you will need to get a mentor to further horn your musical skills. You need a mentor or a tutor who either has a vast experience in playing in an orchestra or have trained students that get placed in an orchestra. A good example of a tutor to get as a mentor is Richard Aaron who is a cello professor at the University of Michigan. Another is William Vermeulen who is a horn professor in the Rice University and known for his vast experience in the field. Your area of musical interest will determine the person you will get as a mentor.

Step 3: Go to Auditions

You need to go to as many auditions as you can. This may sound obvious, but some people choose to ignore it. You can increase your chances by auditioning for openings in Europe. This is because Europe is and still remains the home of classical music. Although the industry is also as competitive as the one in America, you will have a better chance at landing a musical employment in Europe.

Step 4: Learn to Be Versatile

During the classical periods, you are expected to master one musical instrument and be good at it. One thing that was not in existence in that era is the competition that is in place now. To succeed musician today, you need to become versatile. Many successful members of orchestra these days are versatile in what they do. You can learn and master how to play more than one musical instrument. This will increase your chance of joining an orchestra.

Step 5: Have an Open Mindset

In your search for an orchestra to join you need to maintain an open and positive mindset. Not just that, after you land a position in an orchestra, you need more than constant practice to get better. A positive mindset is also necessary to further your career after you have landed your dream position. Not just there, you also need to keep in touch with your mentor and be open to learning new things daily.