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Having an interest learn how to play an instrument is fun. The act of playing an instrument is beautiful and a skill that you can use all your life. It does take a lot of discipline though and commitment from the student to make them a master of their chosen instrument. For a classical instrument, you will need to understand and act on the following fundamental principles.

Principles of Classical Instruments

No matter the thought and pressure, keep in mind that you alone can best teach yourself. Having this understanding helps encourage yourself to become better at it. Make the learning process fun. When you enjoy what you do, it makes it easier to improve your skills.

Switch on your brain as you practice, and your improvement of the instrument will double. Learn to focus as you play the instrument, when you develop the ability to concentrate, you will get better at being focused.

Any problem you encounter in the process of learning should be your focus point until you overcome the mistake. Play the problematic tune more slowly until you do not find it difficult anymore. After that, try increasing the tempo and use the help of a metronome to mark time.

How to Build Your Skills


Always try to play the instrument as correctly as you can. So, don’t start by playing fast. You will make a lot of mistakes if you do that. Try playing slowly repeatedly until you are better at it, and then increase the tempo. Create time to practice every day and make use of every available opportunity to work on playing the instrument. You can choose any time of the day for practice. You need to have a special place for practice. Find a place that will help you concentrate, and avoid the distractions that come from TV, radio and several other sources.

You should understand that learning an instrument is a long process. Prepare your mind for this and learn to play with patience. Initially, as you begin learning by playing slowly, it may not sound musical to your ears. Don’t worry – your effort will pay off in the long run if you dot quit. The more you play, the more you begin to hear the music in the note you play.

You can you can play a melody while practicing. Think of a famous childhood song and try it on the 12 keys. If you wish to learn jazz, then you have to understand scales, patterns, chords, and be good in all the 12 keys. Listening to talented and skilled instrumentalists is important too. Get a record of their best performance related to your area of interest and pay attention so that you can improve in their areas of weakness. The idea of ‘practice makes perfect’ is not true in the actual sense. When you practice, your focus should be on becoming better in the art. Then keep assessing your performance, and you will improve the way you play music.

Playing an instrument can bring you such joy and delight to a person’s life, as well as increase intelligence and help with focus and work ethic. We hope these ideas can help you in your journey.