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With the rise of alternative music genres such as jazz, pop music, and electronic, classical music took a back seat in the contemporary music industry. It’s almost unheard of to find a youthful person listening to classical music or merely displaying an interest in it these days. For this reason, many pundits have claimed classical music is in its death bed, which is a major misconception. Classical music remains very much alive, and people all over the world still hold a keen interest in the genre. There are many reasons as to why this is true, from the various influences it has, and the way people still use it today. This article will explore the apparent claims of the waning acclaim of classical music and its influence on other music genres of music that have won over the masses by storm.

Influence of classics on today’s music scene

Classical Music Suits Cartoons

Despite the low number of operas and orchestra bands today, owing to the little interest in classical music, few people grasp or play classical music, contemporary music still borrow beats, harmonies, and melodies from the most famous classical hits of all time.  This point proves that regardless of its plummeting popularity, classical music has a lot to offer to other music genres prevalent in the current world of entertainment. Not everyone can claim to have the ability to identify such contributions. Only a select few people who have studied music can recognize the melodies and beats that are part of the hits that are played on today’s radio.

Influence of classics on the movie industry

The use of classic tunes as soundtracks in movies proves their popularity to-date. Telling a story by way of images is thrilling, but the addition of make tunes makes the videos come alive. Classical music received a boost in the early days by the suggestions that it boosted human memory and spatial reasoning. The effect is what we call the “Mozart effect.” Recently, scientific research proved the therapeutic effects of classical music, and we believe this is a major reason why it retains a lot of popularity.

Use of classical tunes in brain therapy and vessels

Though not purely for entertainment purposes, classical music is still used to control stress levels and as a tool for brain therapy. Consequently, the preference for classical music has soared tremendously among intellectuals when relaxing and calming their nerves. It has been proven to improve mental intelligence as well, with such benefits why wouldn’t people listen to it.

The notion of the dying popularity of classical music is a misconception held by people who have never listened to it. But for people with a strong musical background, they understand that classical music apart from being among the oldest music genres remains quite popular to-date.

Classics are the very foundation from which contemporary music is built on, and it continues to be one of the most captivating and most used genres. Classic music will for a long time remain an integral part of music and entertainment.