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The classics are poetic charms from long ago that we cherish in a modern paced life. Old world novels, poetry and music have inspired countless generations. In present day we are accustomed to the blaring beats of rock, pop and hip hop to motivate us through our schedule. We are in an endless state of busy amidst work, home and daily activities to tend to. Meditation and self-given time outs are often necessary to ease our minds into a much needed deep breath. Artistic endeavors persuade these moments depending on your personal interests.

Enjoying the Classics in Music

Moving beyond our timeline and entering into an intrinsic past leads us to the intriguing sounds of our favorite composers. Listening to music in its classical form has a timeless vibration. The epic and dramatic effects of the classics have strengthened the foundation of the music era we see today. Listening to the untold tales through notes of music are transparently healing. Composers took the musical trends of their time and established their own tradition in the industry. Beethoven, Mozart and Tchaikovsky are among hundreds that have changed the spectrum of how we measure music.

Films, documentaries and movies have offered us a glimpse of the lifestyle and muses of different composers. The inner inspiration and powerful impacts of their music was evident in their own lives. “Amadeus” is a movie that explores the music of Mozart and the individuals that surrounded his obstacles and triumphant echoes throughout his years. Another flick dedicated to famous composers that has received high ratings on the charts is “Immortal Beloved”. From start to finish, we are able to see a portrayal of Beethoven as he rises above with resonance and intent. His music is in terms immortal making it a favorited film for fans of is work.

Reading the Classics

Reading the Classics
Reading the Classics

Listening to our playlist of classical tunes while reading a book of choice is a perfect way to spend the weekend. Authors such as Jane Austen or Bronte have captivated our minds with profound literary pieces. There is also great pieces written that will continue our travel in the classical realm.

The Lives of Great Composers- Written in true fashion, this is an in depth read of composers through time. Covering over three centuries of historical reference, he captures the essence of a composers life. The book has a riveting vibrancy in all of its 992 pages making it a must have in your collection.

Johannes Brahms A Biography- Known for his romantic gestures within his music, Brahms had an intriguing life to follow. This depiction of his beginning to the final notes is a stoic representation of his era. Understanding the man behind the musical legacy is a fascinating way to spend the day.

Temperament- Struggles and triumphs have filled our history books. Temperament takes a vital adventure of musical cultures that span all the way back to ancient Greece. Classical music as it is heard today was made possible by the many who paved the way for the future. Dynamically written, you can expect elegant truths on every page.